June 15, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Lots to cover in today’s round-up, so let’s jump right in:

HUD released its Annual Homelessness Assessment Report Tuesday, which found that while homelessness increased in rural areas in 2010, it rose only slightly overall despite the tough economy. You can find the complete report here.

Another study found the homeless population in Los Angeles County has actually decreased over the past two years.

That sweet Les Paul guitar logo from last week isn’t the only cool thing Google has been up to: The search engine company is investing $280 million to help homeowners install solar power.

Speaking of saving energy at home, Howard County, Md., is offering free energy audits to show how houses can be more efficient, thanks to funding from the federal stimulus.

HUD’s Father’s Day 2011 celebration is coming up Saturday, and with over 200 public housing agencies in towns big and small participating, the buzz is growing.

Finally, an Alabama landlord is getting a few lessons in fair housing this week – about 50,000 of them to be exact – after he discriminated against a family because of an interracial relationship. Check back with the HUDdle for more on this case in the future.

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  1. I live in jacksonville florida and we have the manager from hell.and the ceo ronny furguson jane hoover,these people do nothing about this woman she gos into our mail boxes.she reads our mail.she made this 75year old man take down curtains I made fro him or she would harass him like she does me.so he took them down then she makes you sign a blank tax return form or she will evict you and how can she put you out in one day or how ever she likes it what are you people doing in dc.I put in for a transfer but she keeps blocking it why if she hates me so much why not let me move.well you all dont have to do anything I will broad cast everything on youtube every person and their mother looks at this web site and the whole world will know just how unkind this government is to its citicens.I will keep screaming untill the right person hears me.as long as I live.I will tell everything they do and dont do for people who are suppose to help.We have turned in complaint after complaint but you all do nothing so lets see what the people who give donations think about how you secratary of hud uses their money.we all are not nogood for nothing people you want to think we are.we just cant afford600.00a month for rent.this will go viral I hope so keep your ears and eyes open I have just begun

  2. I read these articles with tears in my eyes, particularly about the rural decline, I am a devastated after tragedy, the warrantied work program through Rural Development Corp. sent me to FLA HUD everywhere including last letter advice of sewer testifies agency. Including the health and ongoing hospitilized nightmares, I don’t “forgive me” understand how I had 863 credit score ,waiting promised fha low interest loan, letters admitting their error time passes, lender decides fha isn’t fast enough, id signed the loan many years prior so in hospital unknowingly thinking Dept. Natural Resources and Fha were figuring out details. Even many complaint letters from doctors of contamination and being condemned it was supposed to be on urgent list. My credit was excellent , I leave hospital on a wed. Thursday. On oxygen began calling nearly 40calls trying begging for help. Passed person to person lost in system , sheriff pulls in sadly a friend serving lender retreavin “their” condemned house, I’d paid since 96 on owning the land, they gave me till the following Tues. I on oxygen, 24th surgery unstable, without help or family desperately called END AND FHA to be told even with valuable land references on credit and collateral , the lender had tired waiting fha to pay that debt had gotten a legal judgment when I applied with END! ADMITTANCE CAPABILITY OF FAULT . Prior to incident I’d been a work horse Managed several hair salons loving it then ill after all I cannot believe people I’ve met on a 2nd fha loan after prior default and I completely innocent who prior to caused said illness had excellent credit history! I APPLIED THEN producing all documentation of facts, land collateral , paid balance on contaminated lost home, build a small excelled air quality home, my lungs would repair quickly ….and Above be …be able to at least part time do what I love …HAIR and plus a valuable member of society, please explain anything I am doing wrong agency, grant, loan? I have collateral and monthly guaranteed income , please I think small office I fell through the cracks I sincerely mean no offense to anyone I’m just scared sick and homeless on beautiful land, to young to give up, PLEASE WHAT CAN A SINGLE FEMALE HONEST REPUTATION TOO TRUSTING IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP I PROMISE HERE NATIONALLY I WILL PAY EVERY PENNY I’D BE BLESSED AND SOLAR GREEN HELPS THE EARTH AND BILLS! Congratulating efforts I definitely agree and would respect .

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