June 14, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Before we begin the Round-Up, we would like to say a fond farewell to Deputy HUD Secretary Ron Sims, who announced today he will step down and return to his home in Seattle at the end of July.  We’ll miss you, Ron!

Today HUD released the results of its Homeless Assessment Report. @PeterTrue_HUD takes to the HUDdle to discuss the findings.

We at HUD tip our Yankee hats to Bronx Bomber Mark Teixeira, who gave $1 million to help New York City build a new charter school and affordable housing complex in Harlem.

Speaking of athletes investing in our cities, Magic Johnson is showing that inner-cities are good investments.

Chattanooga’s housing authority will cut cooling costs this summer thanks to a new green roof.

HUD says “On, Wisconsin” with $81 million in affordable housing grants for the Badger State.

And, staying around the Great Lakes, Michigan is promoting its Hardest Hit Fund to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

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