June 13, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Buenos Noches, Amigos! We are excited to announce the launch of The HUDdle en Espanol! Great news for Spanish speakers and for those trying to learn.

The Los Angeles Times debunks some popular foreclosure myths. You can get a lot more information about avoiding foreclosure from a HUD-approved Foreclosure Avoidance Counselor in your state.

HUDdle favorite Matt Yglesias has an interesting take on what makes cities successful economically: Housing.

A mortgage fraud scam that ripped off banks and the government earned one executive prison time. FHA took early action against the company in 2009.

The light rail system serving the Twin Cities and their suburbs has proven extremely successful.

Speaking of the land of Paul Bunyan, new affordable housing options for homeless veterans and their families are coming to St. Cloud, Minn., as well as 33 other sites across the country.

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  1. I live in a senior citizen bldg. How is it that a lady that live here,can live in apartment here. Work full time job (doing hair. ) She make money from residents charging up to $40.00 for perms. She work in beauty shop (away) four days a week. She does hair two days a week and some evenings in senior bldg.. she don’t pay for space rental in building for shop. She don’t pay any utilities. I believe she gets cheaper rent on her own apartment. How is this so

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