June 7, 2011

Turn you in? OK

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A New Hampshire mother says a landlord dared her to “turn him in” after he refused to rent to her because she had children. You can probably guess what happened next: She did just that.

Denying housing to potential renters because a family has children is illegal under the Fair Housing Act, and has been since 1988. But according to allegations HUD filed against Robert Gerow May 26, he told potential tenants he did not want to rent to someone with children, and when a mother informed him that was against the law, she says he told her to “turn him in.”

HUD is charging Gerow and his receptionist with violations of the Fair Housing Act, saying Gerow instructed the receptionist to tell interested renters he did not want to lease an apartment to families with children. The charge will be heard by a U.S. Administrative Law Judge, although it could move to federal district court if either party in the case elects to do so. If the judge rules discrimination took place, they may award damages to the case’s victims or impose fines on the landlord.

If you have been a victim of housing discrimination or if you know someone who has, visit HUD’s Fair Housing website or call 1-800-669-9777.

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