June 6, 2011

OCIO Learning Sessions bring outside-the-box thinking in-house at HUD

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Our guest blogger today is Dr. Melanie P.  Cohen, HUD’s Office of the Chief Information Officer

HUD employees face growing complexities in meeting the mission in this rapidly evolving digital age, but one initiative brings some of the best minds and important discussions in-house at HUD each month to help prepare our team to meet them.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) Learning Session rethinks the standard academic training model by bringing innovative experts on topics ranging from Performance Management to Knowledge Management to Collaboration and the multigenerational workforce, facilitating not just valuable presentations but also interactive discussion, then sharing these insights with the larger community through social media and the web.

Attendees are encouraged to not only ask questions, but also use Twitter to engage with the larger community outside of HUD’s walls to answer questions and share insights. Using the #HUDOCIOLS hashtag on Twitter, people interested in the discussion from both within HUD and in our communities can follow the discussion and contribute.

The next OCIO Learning Session will be held on June 16th at 10:00 a.m., where the topic is “Lessons on Collaboration from the Intellipedia “Doyen.” You can help us take part in the learning process by following us on #HUDOCIOLS, and sharing your thoughts and ideas on the Twitter chat.

For more information on the OCIO Learning Session, please contact Dr. Melanie P. Cohen at melanie.cohen@hud.gov

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