June 1, 2011

Secretary Donovan Announces Green Refinance Plus

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Secretary Donovan was at Eden Issei Terrace in Hayward, Calif., Tuesday to announce Green Refinance Plus, another important tool in the effort to green America’s buildings.

The initiative will allow owners of existing affordable rental housing properties the flexibility to make energy-saving upgrades for families. With gas prices soaring, families need to save energy everywhere they can, and Green Refinance Plus will help them do just that. 

On Tuesday’s tour, Secretary Donovan met with a longtime resident who had been trying to convince his mother to join him and move in to Eden Issei. She finally did, and they recently celebrated his mother’s 100th birthday. The Secretary asked why she wanted to live in Eden Issei and the answer was appropriate for a housing development with “Eden” in its name:

“Because it’s like paradise.”

Eden Issei truly is gorgeous, and a national example for how buildings should be approaching energy efficiency, which is why we chose to announce Green Refinance Plus at the site of this successful approach to energy efficiency in public housing.

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