May 27, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Here at HUD, we’re wishing you a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. Here’s what’s been cooking today:

  • The Hill profiles Secretary Donovan, spotlighting how he’s embraced the Obama administration’s “no drama” mantra and explaining his long game on housing.
  • The affordable housing industry’s got HUD’s back. Thanks, everyone!
  • In a bipartisan push, four senators are working to restore housing counseling funding.
  • The New York Times reports on the Department of Justice’s work combating military foreclosures.
  • It’s been a terrible year for tornadoes, and in Alabama, reports the Chicago Tribune, dozens are still calling shelters home.

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  1. You should worry about people who SMOKE in these units that they rent.The smoke does not stay in their apartment.It travels via the vent in their bathrooms to the neighbors apartment.2nd hand smoke is no good for someone who doesnt smoke.You should BAN smoking in these units and do it immediately.You should visit someone’s apartment to see what smoking is doing to the walls in that unit.The walls are yellow with the build up of smoke,thus making the unit inhabitable for the tenant and other apartments located close to it….Don’t sit on this,get it done…

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