May 26, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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The Director of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund’s Community Housing Program wants you to know that the HOME program is working in New Hampshire.

Amid the tornado tragedy, Springfield’s News-Leader brings some great news. The first unaccounted for person was found – ALIVE!

Rhode Island is thinking hard about affordable housing, and they have the cool video to prove it!

Way to go, Maine! HUD funds are helping low-income families everywhere!

In D.C, residents of the Capitol Hill neighborhood join forces to turn an empty lot into the 13th and C Street Community Park and Garden.

11 Responses to Daily Housing News Round-Up

  1. I am a resident of the Barry Farm public housing development,that is to be torn down,displacing so many families,and breaking them apart. I been told that we are not getting “Housing Choice Vouchers”to help us find new homes. I would like to know why,when there is all this talk about affordable housing in this Hud report. Barry Farm is located in Washington,D.C.

    • I am so sorry to hear of your trouble but as you can see HUD not going to do anything about it just make themseleves look good. Your better off looking at relocating even if that means leaving everthing behind or moving in with family because as it looks with HUD they just talk about it. Oh by the way they usually give money towards companies and agencies that give them business.
      “Sorry the truth hurts”

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