May 23, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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The Obama administration responds to yet another devastating tornado, this one in Missouri and the midwest. Our condolences to all those who lost loved ones. If you can, please help out here.

Communities across the country are learning about how HUD will help revitalize their neighborhoods thanks to funding from the department’s HOPE VI Revitalization grants.

In Denver, HUD will replace the distressed Lincoln Homes public housing project with 457 new units of housing for low-income residents.

Meanwhile, in Louisville, a HOPE VI grant will help the city replace the Sheppard Square housing complex with new apartments.

Finally, defenders of HUD’s HOME program are making their voices heard in The Washington Post, responding to the paper’s unfair attack on the program’s long history of success creating affordable housing.

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  1. The Hurricane season has already done a great deal of damage this year. We are in great need of the work you all do. I hope support for your efforts comes from far and wide. Great Work and thanks for all you do! Dave

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