May 18, 2011

HUD Faith-Based Center Hosts Roundtable on Housing Issue for Single Fathers with Children

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On May 19, 2011, the HUD Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships is hosting “Daddy’s House: A Conversation on Housing for Single Fathers with Children,” in HUD’s Brooke-Mondale Auditorium. The meeting will address the needs of a group that falls easily by the wayside: single fathers who lack safe, decent, affordable housing for themselves and their children. This group includes single fathers paying more than 50% of their total income for housing, as well as men who face barriers such as cultural challenges; disabilities, whether mental, physical, or both; foreclosure and dislocation; and unemployment. Because the majority of family units struggling with housing are headed by mothers, there are often few if any options for fathers struggling to maintain stable housing.

After welcoming remarks from Obama Administration senior officials, a case study of a successfully assisted, fathers with children will share their experiences. A panel discussion will then consider the barriers and ways they have been overcome. Audience members will then have the opportunity to choose one of four moderated working group sessions, in order to focus more closely on addressing cultural barriers, disabilities, foreclosure, or unemployment. At the conclusion of the work session each group will report its discussion, including possible next steps. Following the event, the Center will develop a webinar based upon the event and the testimonies of successfully assisted single dads.

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