May 16, 2011

HOME is a Catalyst for Change

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Listen to what others are saying about HUD’s HOME program. This video highlights how HUD’s HOME Investment Partnerships Program has been a catalyst for change in the lives of communities and individuals across the country over the last twenty years. It features interviews with HOME grantees, project developers, and HOME-assisted homeowners and residents in Anne Arundel County, MD, Cambridge, MA, Columbus, OH, Greensboro, NC, Montgomery County, MD, Ontario, CA and Shiprock, NM.

5 Responses to HOME is a Catalyst for Change

  1. im looking to apply for section 8 help in jefferson or orleans parish louisiana. i have 2 children under 5, and currently one on the way. someone please help me recieve a application for this. please contact me and let me know what i need to do. thank u for your time.

  2. The HOME program — like other public financing programs — often take on the most difficult challenges, attempting projects that the private sector won’t do because there is not enough profit in them for the developer. When you take on enormous challenge, you should expect some failure ratio. That means that you are fulfilling your mission by accepting challenge, pushing the envelope. The HOME program has been overwhelmingly successful. We should focus on the successes and not the failures.

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