May 13, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Welcome to HUD’s Daily Housing News Round-Up. Every Monday through Friday evening, we’ll round up the day’s biggest HUD and housing news. We hope this will keep HUDdle readers up to speed with a few quick reads before you head home for the evening. So, without further ado:

  • The “I Believe in HUD” campaign just released a compilation video.
  • If you are as inspired as we are, grab some swag here.
  • Secretaries Donovan and LaHood take to the virtual pages of HuffPo to talk sustainability.
  • The Gray Lady takes notice of Secretary Donovan’s plan to use foreclosed homes in tornado relief.
  • And the Tampa Bay Tribune writes up federal efforts to fight veteran’s homelessness.

Enjoy the weekend!

3 Responses to Daily Housing News Round-Up

  1. Yes i’m physically disabled & i have a wife that’s disabled also and we’ve been looking for some adequate housing that’s affordable is there anyone out there that can help right now i’m living with my sister and it’s kinda tight Re;Right now i’m in Gary ,Indiana if you have any information that can be helpful contact me asap have a great day cyber world & every bodyin it hello world

  2. I am writing this because I don’t know where to go… I am a single mother and I moved into an apartment complex that is indeed suppose to be subsidized… moved in about 2 years ago and did not know there was a water bill in the complex and found out only when the apt complex put an eviction notice on my door… It was $303. I said ok let me pay this bill..although I had very little money at the time had just been laid off from my job…I still managed to pay in increments…. This is the kicker last month in April I paid $485. to the water company as well as tried to make the rent of $700.00…This month I received a water bill for $485.00 mind you their are three people that live in this apartment…Myself and my twins(14)… Every morning we leave this apartment at 5:30 am and do not return until 6:30 pm… and we are in bed by 9:00 pm… Can someone please tell me how this could be.. I contacted the Water company who is based out of Miami , FL and have yet to get response…instead the water seems to continue to go up…

    My name is Alma Williams and I live in Tampa, FL…and maybe this is nothing but I had to at least let someone know CWE is the water company Commercial Water and Energy. Any advice would be helpful Thank you

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