April 6, 2011

HUD to host first Twitter townhall chat to discuss one year anniversary of Open Gov plan

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Our guest blogger today is Stan Buch, Director of Innovation and Open Government, Office of Chief Information Officer

Hi I’m Stan Buch, HUD’s Director of Innovation and Open Government, and, on behalf of the HUD Open Government Team, we invite you to talk with us directly about the past, present and future of our Innovation and Open Government efforts and their role in our mission to build better communities – and to get in on it you don’t even have to leave your desk. HUD is set to host its first Twitter townhall discussion April 7 at 2:30PM Eastern Standard Time. Please join us in celebrating this occasion and use this opportunity to share your ideas and ask questions about HUD’s Innovation and Open Government initiatives.

The online chat, which can be participated in on Twitter by following @HUDgov and using the hashtag #OpenHUD, will feature a an overview of milestone program successes and next steps forward by Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy, HUD Director of Philanthropic Research and Initiatives, and myself. Highlights include the recent launch of this new interactive blog, the HUDdle, the launch of an international prize competition for sustainable development aimed at gauging the ideas of public stakeholders), as well as innovations-in-progress like HUD’s upcoming Innovation Lab.

The agenda for the townhall will include 5 minute discussions of public engagement, collaboration and transparency initiatives launched by HUD since the release of the Open Government plan, followed by an open time for follow-up questions and idea sharing. Participants are encouraged to submit their questions early in the comment section of this blog post, as due to anticipated participation not all questions may be answered immediately – we’ll do our best to recognize as many contributions that address the Open Government and Innovation mission as we can.

If you are unfamiliar with HUD’s Innovation and Open Government program please take this opportunity to review the plan or visit the website at HUD.gov/Open. We look forward to hearing from you!

6 Responses to HUD to host first Twitter townhall chat to discuss one year anniversary of Open Gov plan

  1. I am just learning about this today, even though I am a public housing resident for over 5yrs. Re:Open Government/HUD.
    Will this include communication to ppl who are disabled? Policy regarding disabled? Open information regarding how rent shoud be calculated? How to share regarding desire for more disabled housing. (not just handicapped, but also chemically sensitive, “green” healthy housing) How to communicate w/ our PHA. How to request help when housing office does not comply w/ accomodation or ignores written communications. Sorry, I asked so many questions.

    Thank you for information and Open Gov’t /Twitter communication

  2. Hi Stan,
    I’m HAFA Certified as well as being a Certified Distressed Property Expert. I’m hosting a FREE seminar for homeowner’s in my area for CDPE/HAFA-Alternatives to Foreclosure. It’s my way of helping to relieve the market of distressed properties and help tomorrows borrowers today by avoiding involuntary foreclosure. I need some assistance in getting the word out to help as many people as I can. Is there any way that HUD/Treasury Dept./Makinghomeaffordable.org can promote us to help today’s struggling homeowner’s? Advertising on the MakingHomeAffordable.org web site? The sooner we eliminate the distressed properties from our inventory the quicker we’ll return to a normal market and an improved economic future for all american households.
    Thanks for your time. I’ll be attending the Twitter Chat tomorrow.

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  4. I am happy to retrieve your outstanding way of writing the post. Now you make it easy for me to understand and carry out the concept. Thank you for the article.

  5. It’s great to see HUD innovating in this direction. If this goes well, consider taking it to the next level with an online townhall where participants can build on each other’s ideas, turning comments into an in-depth conversation.

  6. Ummm….good idea but if you want to be effective using Twitter. How about starting with a Re-Tweet button ON YOUR OWN ARTICLE that’s promoting your Twitter town hall??? Talk about not getting it. Embarrassing.

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