March 18, 2011

Choice Neighborhoods: Improving Housing and Lives

Today HUD announced that 17 communities across the U.S. will receive HUD’s first Choice Neighborhood Planning Grants. While the maximum grant is only $250,000, the lasting impact this funding will have on children who have been left behind in some of this nation’s poorest neighborhoods is infinite.

For example, this funding will allow the Albany (NY) Housing Authority and its partners to develop a plan to not only bring quality, affordable housing, but new educational opportunities to the West Central Albany neighborhood. In Baltimore, Md., Jubilee Baltimore, a non-profit organization that develops and renovates real estate, and its partners will use the funding to start comprehensive talks that will begin the transformation of Central West Baltimore. Discussions will include a locally-driven plan for the redevelopment of Pedestal Gardens, a 203-unit HUD-assisted housing project, which will bring residents better housing; diversified retail options in the neighborhood and updates to the community’s transportation system.

There are 15 other stories like these that will fulfill the mission of the Choice Neighborhoods Program – to promote a comprehensive approach to transforming distressed areas of concentrated poverty into viable and sustainable mixed-income neighborhoods. Building on the successes of HUD’s HOPE VI Program, Choice Neighborhoods will link housing improvements with a wider variety of public services including schools, public transit and employment opportunities.

The Choice Neighborhoods Initiative is a centerpiece of the Obama Administration’s interagency Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative – a collaboration between the Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Education, Justice, Treasury and Health and Human Services to support the ability of local leaders from the public and private sectors and attract the private investment needed to transform distressed neighborhoods into sustainable, mixed-income neighborhoods with the affordable housing, safe streets and good schools every family needs.

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  2. I would like to know what communities in the Orange County, and Los Angeles county, are being assisted with any kind of First time buyers assistance from a Federal Grant and also the planning grants available. Could you send me a contact name and number. Thank you Diane McAuley

  3. I am not sure if you received this email. I need to know where in Orange county, and Los Angeles county are the Grants for buyers and what programs are available. Thank you for your responce. Diane McAuley. Please send me information and any contact names and numbers

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  5. HUD is a wonderful source, I hope, for young families who miss mortgage payments. It is not so wonderful for the retiree who hasn’t missed one mortgage payment and tried to follow all the rules. Older citizens, retirees or those approaching senior-hood, beware. You’re hung out to dry by your government. HUD, any agency will NOT assist you or aid you in lowering your mortage payments after retirement.

  6. I would like a first time list for the country. Revitalization is the key and we would like the earmarks to start in the Midwest. This is the centerpiece of the nation. The railways centerpoint.

  7. I would like housing for seniors with low income in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I have been turned down because of one thing on my credit report. I have called every where with no answes to this. I do not know where to call any more I have call all the places I know. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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