March 14, 2011

Helping Public Housing Go Green

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Our guest bloggers today are Salima Appiah-Kubi and Julia Brooke Hustwit, HUD’s Office of Public and Indian Housing

In light of the nation’s economy and resultant budget cuts, it is essential – now more than ever – to make smart choices in public housing. It is equally important to maintain the housing priorities that will lead to a bright future for all. On April 12-13th in Boston, MA, HUD’s Office of Public and Indian Housing will host the free conference Going Green: Intelligent Investments for Public Housing. Adopting best green practices means reducing the costs associated with utility use, healthcare services, and environmental reclamation – all while improving the lives of the residents and surrounding community.

The conference will bring together public housing agencies and stakeholders from affordable housing, green building, and energy efficiency industry groups to discuss strategies for integrating sustainability into the everyday management of public housing. In addition to sessions such as, “Working with Residents to Achieve Utility Savings” and “How to Get the Most from Your Energy Audit,” the two-day conference will include a poster wall and HUD feedback session as well.

This conference is open to public housing agency executives, financial analysts, architects, engineers, facility managers, members of the affordable housing and “green” building and energy efficiency Industries.

For more information visit the conference website.

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  1. The last three HUD homes I have tried to sell and sold, have been mission impossible. There needs to be follow up with the Brokers to find out the problems that we face. The listing Brokers get paid very well, but have nothing to do with the issues the selling Brokers face. The last two homes had frozen pipes because the contractor did not winterize it right, PEMCO lost an extension and money order, closings changed 1/2 hour befor closing because HOA was not paid by HUD and the moving truck was in the parking lot ready to move in. Please contact me for mor einformation

  2. This sounds like a great conference. We’re trying to go as green as possible. With our costs going up, we’re hoping it will help us save a little green too!

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