February 28, 2011

HUD’s Work To Tackle Veterans’ Homelessness

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From interviews with HUD staff to a real-life story of a formerly homeless veteran who HUD helped find a home, this video chronicles HUD’s work to end veterans’ homelessness and meet Goal 3 of HUD’s Strategic Plan: Utilize Housing as a Platform for Improving Quality of Life.


3 Responses to HUD’s Work To Tackle Veterans’ Homelessness

  1. 1 out of a 1000. My children and I almost ended up on the street homeless thanks to PICO. And several calls to HUD resulted in nothing but a song and dance that PICO is in charge of the sales of homes to everyone. But it seems the investers get plenty. Even a home listed for $10,000.00 will cost $15,000.00 after they get a copy of your bank account and that is what you have in your account. They will counter a bid of $10,000.00 and want no less than $12,800.00. Then when an Owner Occupent agrees they will not alloow a bid less than $13,780.00 plus clossing cost that can run up to $1,100.00. Depleating a bank account and putting a family back to nothing to fix up the home. Most of these homes have no heat/AC and need plumming and electrical repairs before one can even move in. And if you are on a fixed income or low income you can not get a loan to fix the house. Why spend years saving to get a home if you are going to be put out at the end?

  2. My husband, who is a Vietnam Veteran and sick, has been homeless for nearly two years after Deutsche Bank took the home we had lived in for 5 years, and after improving the home. He is 63 and I am 60, we are so tired. It seems that we cannot get anywhere. Please help us.

  3. The homeless veterans need IMMEDIATE REAL HOUSING, not those horrifying prison-like 12-step religious cult insane asylum shelters with mats & bunk-beds, and no privacy toilets & showers, with VA staff, armed guards, and snitches watching them 24/7 and threatening them daily with being thrown back to the streets for One-Broken-Rule! What a DISGRACE!

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