February 9, 2011

Carol Galante: Affordable, Market-Rate Can Coexist at HUD

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It’s been a little less than two years since Carol Galante was appointed deputy assistant secretary for multifamily housing at HUD. And what a time it’s been.

Since seizing the reins, Galante has overseen the biggest expansion in multifamily volume in the FHA’s history while simultaneously re-engineering the agency’s approach to affordable housing deals.

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One Response to Carol Galante: Affordable, Market-Rate Can Coexist at HUD

  1. I was foreclosed on in April, I was just trying to get a loan modification. US Bank strug it out until the last minute and then foreclosed. I am on disability and my wife had lost her job. I did not know why they were taking so long to modify until I found out since it was federaly insured and they would be getting all there money back although the house had been going down in value did I relize what was going on. I just wanted our names to go on the list of people losting their house to big banks when we really needed there help. thanks Tim and Lora Sandoval

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