February 8, 2011

Helping Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

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Our guest blogger today is Joseph Phillips, Region IV Atlanta Regional Office

In Atlanta, the sounds of renewed hope are heard as over twenty HUD certified Georgia Housing Counseling Agencies were recently given a significant boost in funding to assist eligible individuals and families in stay in their homes.  Atlanta is one of the hardest hit metro areas for foreclosures in the nation.

During the recent HUD Housing Counseling grant announcement hosted by HUD and the Atlanta Regional Commission, attendees from the city, state and Consumer Credit Counseling Services spoke of how this continued support is helping eligible homeowners preserve one of their most precious of assets…their homes.

The event also highlighted the new and unprecedented partnership of the Atlanta Regional Piece by Piece foreclosure initiative.   This initiative combines over 150 public and private organizations to include HUD as partners working together to address the foreclosure crisis in the twenty eight county metro region in a concerted way.

The foreclosure crisis remains a major challenge and one that requires the innovation, education and willingness to build partnerships with both public and private organizations such as the Piece by Piece Foreclosure initiative to develop timely and meaningful solutions as we also continue to fund HUD certified housing counseling agencies.  HUD certified Housing Counseling Agencies are on the front lines of the foreclosure battle and this funding provides them with renewed abilities to serve homeowners at risk of losing their homes.

The new partnership and continued support and efforts of HUD certified Housing Counseling Agencies bring renewed hope for those struggling to keep their homes.  There still remains much to do but the battle continues and we are making progress.

Visit HUD’s website to find a HUD approved housing counselor near you.

3 Responses to Helping Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

  1. That’s all well and good for right now but what happens when the funding goes away for next year and maybe the yeard after that then who is going to help the consumers if you have no paid counselors?

  2. Many of us think Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the cause of all this, so maybe they should become part of the solution. Many foreclosures could have been avoided in the first place if these two private (but protected) institutions had done there job. For those that need help, check here:

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