February 8, 2011

Feds must fix up public housing

Written by:

Rep. Keith Ellison, Fifth District, Minnesota

Public housing can work … when it’s maintained right. But the results have been tragic when public housing buildings are not properly taken care of.

A public housing authority in Toledo, Ohio had to close 100 public housing apartments because of mold that made the apartments unsafe. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, over 20% of the units at the Harriet Tubman Development have been boarded up because of dangerously poor conditions like leaking roofs.

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One Response to Feds must fix up public housing

  1. I been paralyze 4yrs and being deny for wheelchair housing due to criminal back ground in the past, 7 yrs ago and I had reform befor being in the accident. I live with family members and the house Im living in is not wheelchair access. I have feel many times, brusing on my hip and Im tire of the fight. Feeling depress has made me a different man and suffering. I live in Camden NJ and pls give me input. Thank you! Sammy

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