January 19, 2011

A National Effort to End Homelessness

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Secretary Shaun Donovan

 The president and the new Congress face two important national deficits: the budget deficit, and a deficit of confidence in the federal government’s ability to solve big, pressing problems.

We can start to tackle both in dealing with homelessness. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is awarding $1.4 billion to help more than 7,000 communities fight homelessness on the local level.

Read Secretary Donovan’s Op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer

6 Responses to A National Effort to End Homelessness

  1. We had a flood in our multi unit dwelling. Several apartments(mine included) had SEWAR water ankle deep. The maintenace did not bother to change the drywall that the SEWAR water ran through.They claimed they could dry the inside of the walls by putting fans on the outside of the wall for a couple of days. Everyone here has some sort of breathing problems now: sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, Etc. I have asked the head of our housing about changing the drywall twice; her response was that it is not needed; without checking for mold.What can I do to get this fixed, without getting thrown out? I am low income and disabled. Can someone pleaase help us?

    • Sounds awful, I’m so sorry. If you believe that you’re living in an unhealthy situation, there are several steps you can take. The most definitive way to determine the presence of unhealthy levels of mold is to test for it. This, of course, can be costly for you or your landlord. Have you discussed with this building management? Another option is to call your community’s public health department to see if they can conduct an inspection of your building or unit. If you believe your landlord is not living up to their lease obligations, visit this site to explore the state/local tenant rights laws:

  2. it sound great to have programs to end homeless in America, its just talk and talk and talk…beleive me no one care! We have seen more homeless recently more than ever due to the economy and the home foreclosures…some families became homeless because of HUD and the written laws that vague and in greyarea that many professional attorney have tumbled to give the right advise or a good answer while FHA and lenders are saying hey…if you want to blame someone go and blame the LAW-MAKERS…

    I’m talking about owner occupied/primary resident
    Due to lack of jobs the hard working people may go and find a job in other state temporarily, and if you’re negotiating with the lender to modify the loan they classified you by a non-owner occupied….well my wife and children at home 24/7 or my parent are living with me, BUT…BUT they are not on the loan documents…then lenders wont give you chance to save your home or sit in a mediation you’re not qualified for any program and you must be chained down to your home to be qualified for some programs you must work and come home full-time and no…no you can’t go and work in other State…to pay most of your bills…they assume you’re abandoning your home, you send them utility bills, the insurance the car the driver license…grocery bills, bank account…etc. all are related to your home…that not good enough..you abandoned your home….its happening America in the past 2 years and it will go on for another 10 yeasars and many have lost their homes due to this plain law…and lenders are taking advantage of it to send homeowners to the streets…welcome to Homeless America! maybe HUD secretary can issue a new mortgagee letter to explain to the lenders that when parents or spouse live with the borrower and the borrower went to work to generate income to pay most of the bills they should be qualified for the loan modification…in a bad economic conditions people are disperate to find a job to feed their families…and they like the home…they leave the family behind..like our servicemen..theygo to serve the contry and leave their family behind at home the borrower home…no one had abandoned the house…its a matter of temporary solution until the local market can improve and come back and work and sleep in the house and the city they like…that’s fine come and take my home and sell it in foreclosure and add my name to the list of the homeless that HUD-Secretary have made with pride…Hud Secretary need to modify such vague witten law…now otherwise there will be 1000s more homeless…and we know that America never acted before a problem…and we have a big problem for 2 years because of such vague law…and we still don’t have ears to listen…owner occupied/primary resident is not good enough…need to be modified now before it too late mr. secretary…

    Homeless in less than 20 days
    can’t sit in mediation becasue of such vague law to represent own son that i lived with him…

    • Tony, do you have an FHA-insured mortgage? If so, we require lenders to go through a number of steps to keep families in their home. I’m not clear on what vague law you refer to but I’d like to suggest that you contact a HUD-approved housing counselor in your area. Here’s where to locate one near you:

  3. I really hope the government could solve this huge problem of homelessness. I’ve known people who actually live in a car.

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