January 7, 2011

Archive It

Written by:
Letha E. Strothers, Office of Public Affairs
Despite the cold dark days and the Christmas bills, I’ve really come to love the month of January. It often starts with a nice brunch on New Year’s Day, followed by reading the newspaper’s annual “In/Out” list, telling me about all the old trends that have passed away and new trends to look forward to. Next, it’s the resolutions to get healthier, relax more, keep in touch with friends, and give more to charity.

Finally, there’s filing and organizing: Time to go through the house and assess what needs to be repaired; sort through old clothes and shoes; and file away or shred all those old bills, statements, and correspondence.

As I put each piece of paper through the shredder, there’s a hint of anxiety as I wonder if I’ll ever need that old bank statement again. As I put papers to keep in a file box, I wonder if I’ll ever remember where I put it if I do need it.

If you’re a frequent visitor to www.hud.gov, there may be files you’ve gotten used to accessing and you hope they’ll always be there when you need them. Well, HUD has done its own version of filing and created archives.hud.gov website, where you will find content that was formerly found on www.hud.gov. You’ll find information on budgets, programs, initiatives, and other documents from previous administrations. There are two ways to access the archives: either by browsing the topics or with our Search.

So, as you do your filing this January, bookmark archives.hud.gov and the older information from HUD that you rely on will be right there when you need it.

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