December 23, 2013

A Day in the Life: New York Multifamily HUB

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Welcome to a new edition of our blog series, A Day in the Life, which will introduce you to HUD employees and highlight the important work they do. Producing multifamily housing is incredibly hard work requiring multiple sources of financing  but it only happens when many people come together in a common purpose – to […]

August 22, 2011

Housing Choice Vouchers: Empowering Families to Prosper

HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher program – also known as the Section 8 program – is a critical part of the nation’s safety net for some of our most vulnerable Americans. This program provides over 2 million very low-income households, often including an elderly or disabled family member, with subsidies to find safe, decent, affordable housing […]

July 5, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

Welcome back, HUDdlers! We hope you all had a great time celebrating the Fourth of July. In case you missed it, watch Secretary Donovan discuss the housing market and the American Dream with CNN’s Candy Crowley. A new poll finds Americans want their government to help homeowners at risk of foreclosure. Operation Open Doors is […]

May 18, 2011

Huffington Post: Media Hit on Housing Programs Is Off Target

Unless you work at HUD or one of its public or private partners – or consider yourself a housing wonk – you might not realize that HUD’s HOME program is completely separate from public housing. It’s easy to get confused! After all, HOME plays a huge role in keeping housing affordable for all Americans. However, […]

January 27, 2011

A Fair Look at Public Housing

Secretary Shaun Donovan Last night, ABC’s Nightline aired a report on the state of the nation’s public housing. In his story, reporter Brian Ross inaccurately and unfairly portrayed HUD’s oversight efforts. We know that years of underfunding by the prior administration has left our nation’s public and assisted housing stock under significant stress. For too […]