July 24, 2013

#Housing101: Knowing Your Rights

In the 1940’s, my grandparents left Jim-Crow Alabama to move to the de-segregated northern town of Cleveland, Ohio.  My grandfather returned to Cleveland after WWII and decided that he wanted to move from the inner-city to the suburbs. He fell in love with a picket fence house in a neighborhood a few miles outside of […]

February 23, 2012

Housing Discrimination in Focus

Imagine these scenarios: A veteran who can’t access his apartment because he’s in a wheelchair. A couple with a foreign nationality who is denied housing because of how they look. A Black child whose family is told they have to look in another neighborhood where they might be “more comfortable.” Think these situations are a […]

July 28, 2011

The Changing Face of Neighborhoods

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Neighborhoods change all the time. An industrial area might find new life as a haven for artists, or a blue-collar part of town could become the next hot ZIP code. But if a neighborhood changes because a landlord is discriminating against tenants based on their race, that change is illegal. That’s what the U.S. Department […]