June 27, 2016

Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA): How Can Faith and Community Organizations Be Involved?

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Photo: HIV/AIDS Awareness Days.

Housing is a critical component of health, particularly for those with HIV/AIDS. HUD’s Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) program recognizes the stabilizing role of housing as a platform to receive healthcare and services to help manage HIV and AIDS. Through this program and other resources, faith and community organizations can assist those living with HIV/AIDS to obtain housing, social services, and other resources to help them maintain quality of life with HIV/AIDS. Continue reading

June 20, 2016

Expanding Horizons with STEM Education

“It gave me the feeling that if I could do this, then I could do anything.” – Tenderly Diaz, age 15.

“It gave me the feeling that if I could do this, then I could do anything.” – Tenderly Diaz, age 15.

The end of the school year is approaching, which is an opportunity for students in HUD-assisted communities to continue their education outside the classroom. Throughout the country, HUD convenes a growing number of students for workshops focusing on STEM— Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math—through partnerships with STEM Innovation Networks and public housing agencies. Continue reading

June 9, 2016

Measuring Progress in the Housing Market

New affordable homes.

HUD’s housing scorecard provides a monthly snapshot of our nation’s housing market and measures how the Administration’s initiatives are serving Americans. Looking back on May, we witnessed notable progress among key indicators: sales of new and existing homes hit high levels and newly initiated foreclosures have remained below the pre-crisis monthly average for more than a year now. While housing is being reenergized, there is still a need to support programs that help more Americans recover from the Great Recession. Continue reading

May 24, 2016

Housing Providers Strategize on Ambitious Energy Goals

Photo: Solar panels on the roof of a multifamily property.

This month I attended the third annual Better Buildings Challenge Summit in Washington, D.C., where hundreds of America’s most influential commercial and industrial energy efficiency leaders came together to share the latest, most innovative, and most effective solutions to cut energy waste and carbon emissions from our nation’s commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.  There, I had the opportunity to meet many of the passionate, forward-thinking leaders who have signed up as Partners and hear about their successes and challenges.  I left both inspired by their commitment and humbled by its sheer magnitude. Continue reading