December 6, 2012

Collaboration and Integrated Planning is Empowering People and Inspiring Change in Jacksonville

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The economic and physical health statistical realities in Jacksonville, Florida’s Health Zone 1 resemble those of third-world developing nations and stand in sharp contrast to the vibrant city adjacent to it. The area has a 26 percent poverty rate; median incomes are 50% below the county’s average and adverse significant health disparities abound. All of […]

August 18, 2011

RxCOVERY in Seattle

Today’s Recovery Act success story comes from HUD’s Region X. If you’re on the north side of 30, you surely know the drill.  You’ve just had a colonoscopy.  Or your wisdom teeth pulled.  Or an in-at-6-out-by-11 ambulatory surgery. You’ve been in recovery an hour or so. You know your name, that five follows four, and […]

August 16, 2011

Reflections of a HUD Summer Intern

Today’s guest blogger is  Elizabeth Bravaco, an incoming freshman at Penn State, State College in Pennsylvania. As the daughter of two lawyers, our dinner table is always filled with legal discussions. My father’s background in real estate law and my mother’s work as a law clerk has led to hours upon hours of endless talk […]