June 22, 2012

Weekly Online Resources Round-up

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This week the National Weather Service has reported record breaking temperatures. Extreme heat is not only uncomfortable, but it can be very dangerous. So this week we have rounded-up resources to help you and your family plan for and reduce the effects of extreme heat. Keep yourself and your family cool when the heat peaks with the following  tips:

If you are anything like me , you will want to spend your time indoors – but that is not always so cost-effective.  As the temperature rises, so will the cost of your energy bill.

Keeping your house cool in the summer can be quite a chore, but here are a few inexpensive ways to keep the temperature down in your home:

  • A simple ceiling fan or oscillating fan can work wonders.
  • Purchase shades, blinds, drapes to reflect the heat away from the house. This will also help your cooling appliances to work more effectively.
  • Turn off any appliances or lights that might generate heat.
  • An air conditioning unit operating in the shade uses less electricity
  • Minimize showering, doing laundry, and cooking mid-day.

I hope these tips will help you prepare for next week. Remember to stay cool during this extreme weather.

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