February 22, 2012

Taking Steps to Streamline and Improve HUD’s Web Presence

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As part of President Obama’s Campaign to Cut Waste, last December the .gov Reform Task Force released a report highlighting the current climate of federal websites and insight on how they can be improved. The .gov Reform Task Force will use the report to develop a web strategy and create tools, best practices, and other resources that will make federal sites more efficient and useful for citizens.

At HUD, we support the .gov Reform Task Force and are taking steps to improve and streamline our own web presence.

Early on, we realized that the platform we were using to manage and maintain content on our website, HUD.gov, hindered our ability to more efficiently communicate critical information and resources to the public.

We needed a faster and more efficient way of getting our information out on HUD’s website. What we needed was a system that would allow us to more easily publish information on HUD.gov while ensuring that all content went through a vetting and approval process. Months later, HUD.gov transitioned to a content management system.

We also implemented USAsearch, a search program of the General Services Administration’s Office of Citizen Services and Information Technology (OCSIT).

And more recently, we updated our Web Policies and Web Management Structure, Web Management Operating Procedures, and also published the HUD.gov style guide – all steps that provide clear guidance on how our website should operate and function.

We realize that users might find different website templates to be disruptive when visiting HUD’s sites.  That’s why we’re working diligently not only to eliminate underperforming and unnecessary sites but also to ensure that all of HUD’s websites follow a consistent look and feel.

We still have a lot of work to do but we will keep moving forward because we owe it to you, the American public, to make sure that HUD’s sites are delivering accurate, critical information in a user-friendly way – and that we do this while still upholding our commitment to fiscal responsibility, in accordance with the President’s Campaign to Cut Waste.

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  1. HELP–can anybody please help me get somebody to talk too that can answer my questions about housing Section 8, I have spent hours on the phone to automated calls, left messages many times, & I am disabled, close to being homeless just because I can’t get a warm body that has the knowledge or time give me information on rental assistance or HUD Sec 8. No one will call back–give any information about what I need to complete the process. I just spent 2 hrs on phone & got no where–left name & number. Mary 618-301-6021-Please Help!!

  2. Eileen,

    Nice job on the improvements. I frequently refer to information from your HUD website to help educate my own blog readers who are often facing foreclosure and are looking for alternatives. I would love it if you could write a guest post for my blog called “We Buy Houses.”


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