July 28, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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Plenty of housing news in today’s Round-Up:

Watch for Secretary Donovan’s interview with Judy Woodruff on Bloomberg this weekend, and check out a preview of the conversation here.

The Secretary also talked with Roland Martin today about the Obama Administration’s efforts to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

One up-and-coming Washington neighborhood is forcing people to re-think “the g-word.”

Denver’s mayor, who grew up in public housing, is inspiring people who live there now.

Our reading list just got a little longer.

The Orlando Sentinel supports efforts to keep veterans – especially those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan – from falling into homelessness.

And Massachusetts’ Senate moved to fund more supportive housing today.

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  1. Why they is it that if I’m in a shelter houseing its takeing long to give me apartment its going on one year I’m in a waiting list I went to the interview an I call the porjects they gave me and I’m still waiting in a waiting list I think its not fear for us to be waiting so long plz help me I’m a single mother with. 2kids n a grandson of 5 months. Thank u god bless.

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