July 15, 2011

Improving the Nation’s Public Housing

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The homes of approximately 1.2 million American families will get physical upgrades thanks to $1.9 billon HUD awarded to more than 3,000 public housing authorities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  This funding allows these agencies to make large-scale improvements to their public housing units, including everything from installing new roofs to making energy-efficient upgrades such as replacing old plumbing and electrical systems with new ones that conserve energy.

While this funding helps housing authorities address long-standing capital improvements, HUD is proposing innovative ways to preserve the nation’s affordable housing long into the future.  For example, the new Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) is one part of the Obama Administration’s comprehensive strategy to keep this housing on firm financial footing.

Read more about the funding announced yesterday.

5 Responses to Improving the Nation’s Public Housing

  1. This is wonderful. Being a person that was raised in the projects myself, Improvement and continued maintenance were always something needed but not appreciated.
    I honestly think that repairs are great but, some sort of education and living improvement skills are just as important. To me it’s all about bringing myself up not staying down.
    JosephDiego DiaMante

  2. Improve the living conditions by ensuring proper management! People live in terror and fear in Torrington CT because of management that threatens and forces evictions without giving people their due process rights in court! I was fired from my job as occupancy specialist of 428 units of housing after I made a legitimate and serious fair housing complaint and multiple eeoc complaints due to victimization of retaliation. Municipal housing authority employees are not protected as whistleblowers! Why does HUD allow this? Nobody wants to live at The Torrington Towers anymore because of gross mismanagement, the quality of life has been completely diminshed by one Housing Authority Director who is a tyrant and uses fear and intimindation and threats to manage what used to be safe, decent and affordable housing!

  3. I think its great that money is being spent to help improve these areas that need it the most. We need to help the people in these areas besides just improving physical structures etc, I agree with Joseph when he says we need to also help people in need with education and skills. I think fostering a community based on entrepreneurship could be very beneficial where each person can fill a void in their community by offering a useful service, which in turn will bring new jobs. Business like this could then add their websites in places like to gain exposure outside of their communities. But starting with the basics, such as improving and maintaining the buildings and infrastructure is key.

  4. This is excellent news. Not only that the money will be used for standard upgrades but energy-efficient work. These improvements will not only help to reduce the operating costs for the housing authorities but also improve the health and living conditions for the residents. Green rehab tips:

  5. These improvements will not only help to reduce the operating costs for the housing authorities but also improve the health and living conditions for the residents, it all sounds good but like my self and children who currently live in low income housing know that the funds will not be use for those purposes. it’s sad to say but true.

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