June 17, 2011

Daily Housing News Round-Up

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We hope you all enjoy this weekend, especially if you’re coming to one of HUD’s Father’s Day 2011 events Saturday, hosted by more than 200 public housing agencies across the country. Find one near you here. On to the news:

Here’s a great feature story about how HUD is dispelling myths about dads and putting a new emphasis on fatherhood in public housing.

Secretary Donovan joined leaders from across the country in Baltimore today to kick off this weekend’s U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Just how much of an impact has housing counseling had in helping homeowners avoid foreclosure? See for yourself.

Although we’d all rather not think about winter right now, check out this story about homes so efficient, they can endure Ohio winters without a furnace.

Cooperation and coordination have helped Fairfax, Va., make great progress toward its goal of ending homelessness.

Green building is growing all over the world as businesses see the benefit of efficient technology.

Craigslist’s founder applauds HUD’s efforts to end veterans’ homelessness.

And HUD is looking to help victims of flooding in Tennessee with a workshop this weekend.

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