June 14, 2011

Assessing Homelessness To End Homelessness

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Too often, homelessness is seen as inevitable, instead of a problem we can address and solve.  But across the country, communities are taking concrete steps to change that. And in the Obama Administration, we are working to make that possible with Opening Doors, the first ever strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness. Not reduce it, not redefine it, but end it.

The only way to attack a problem as vast as homelessness is with the support of the local communities we are trying to help. It is important to remember that the federal government doesn’t have all the answers. A lot of the time, the best thing Washington can do is empower communities with homeless populations to apply solutions best suited for them. What works in Los Angeles might not work in Louisville.

Of course, something as ambitious as ending homelessness requires us to track the progress we are making like never before. To that end, we announced the results of HUD’s Annual Homelessness Assessment Report (AHAR) today.  Though we still have a ways to go, the report showed we are making real progress.

For instance, in 2010 during a prolonged economic downturn, homelessness in American remained virtually flat. The lack of a homelessness spike during the recession speaks volumes about the impact our efforts are having on the problem.

One of the innovative approaches we have implemented in our fight against homelessness is the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program (HPRP), funded by the Recovery Act. Many of America’s homeless are just in need of a temporary boost, a security deposit or first month’s rent, that can be the difference between life on the streets and permanent housing. Providing this assistance is not only the right thing to do but also cost-effective for the taxpayers, as allowing families to slip into homelessness ends up being much more costly in the long run. I am proud to report that 94% of those helped by HPRP ended up in permanent housing. That’s an impressive record by any measure.

Homelessness isn’t going to end overnight, but all of us in the Obama administration are serious about making sure we change the perception that it will never end. We can solve this problem, and with your help keeping us accountable to our ambitious goals, we will.

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9 Responses to Assessing Homelessness To End Homelessness

  1. I am about be homeless and need assistance i lost my job in january and have aggressively been seeking employment. I hope that there is a way i can recieve help.

    • If you have a FHA Insured Mortgage you should get assistance because thats what is being said! Sad to say that was said years ago also. I have spent years just trying to be heard..show proof to how we ended up homeless, I had aFHA Insured mortgage Fixed rate that should of stayed at payment documented..but when HUD passes you around while Mortgage Co. uses false statements, steps and run-arounds all intended to make you think theres help while they go behind your back and set up sale..there’s no Attglrney to help..just lies an homeless. HUD lets Mortgage Company Bid first and higher at sale..then allows different party to be recorded in deeds as owner so Mortgage Co can turn your home over to HUD for payment, then list same party as owner at later date from HUD sale to them for less..families left with out voice..mortgage Co & Hud win. Famly does not even get pofit off sale when the debt is lower..but sold first high..you may get 6 days to get out if your lucky.Mortgage Co. took my payments never applied them but there proof is all that gets heard..while children suffer and parents are treated like they messed up..SAD!I can prove it but they do not want to here your side!

  2. I am a permately disabled single woman in the state of nj facing forclouser and homelessness. My fiance of 15 yrs was an abusive drinker and I finally finding called police on May 18th on one nite of abuse. I found he had not been paying bills that I put money to and now am facing eviction by july1st. I have been everywhere and called everyone.noone can help! I had one phone number where I was offered help withback mortgage to update me if I show the ability to pay. I lost that number! I have an apointment with ss to get my ssi back. I don’t know why I lost it. But I have had mail not received for the yrs I was totally bedridden. I am alittle more mobile. And find I may be on the streets in just weeks! Please help me get in contact with the right help asap. The company owning the mortgage of my mobile home is not even trying to work with me or should I say managament. They will benifit by my forcloser as I will loose all monies put down and all payments made and they get a tottally refurbished mobile to sell again. This a habit as this place is run on a personal basis not a fair proffessional basism my name is MARY DEBORAH SULPIZIO 917 BIRCH AVENUE, GLOUCESTER CITY 08030 CRESENT MOBILE HOMES MY PHONE NUMBER IS 856-993-6904. PLEASE CALL ME ONE WAY OR ANOTHER I AM SCCARED AND SICK! WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ME?

  3. Well, one of the reasons why i think that there are too many homeless in the usa is because of ex convicts. I understand that it is very hard to trust a person who has been in prison, but a lot of ex convicts learn their lesson and try to become better, it is very sad that america crucifies them to the point where there is no job that you can get to help then support their families. Most of these ex convicts falls into depression and sometimes bad habits and they become homeless. Well america is there something that could be done to help the people that did learn their lesson and stayed out of trouble for a long period of time, sometimes we all make mistakes and we should not pay for that mistake our entire life and i dont think our families should pay for something they didnt do.

  4. I totally agree with you, I’m faced with the same situation. I made a mistake, served my time, and has been out of prison almost 3yrs. and I was denied housing because of my past. How long will I have to continue to pay for the sins of my past? I’m not wanting a hand-out, just to be given a chance. Please just give me that..

  5. The HUD aid to homelessness is a joke. Programs are rife with discrimination and abuse. Monies that are given to non-profit agencies for the homeless are spent on their wages,new cars and facilities that might provide you with (and that’s a big might)with a shower and phone use.They make you jump through hurdles just to receive these. And if your a white single male your helped even less.Our government can give 84 million dollars to aid migrant farm workers which the last estimates are around 97% foreign workers. But provide very poor service to its own citizens

  6. My mom thinks govt admin deserve 100,000 a year or more! I disagree. I feel if you go into “public serive” a cap for all govt wokers and politicans should be 60 thousand with benefits. There are so many scams with govt retirement plansect from the top down. Lets STOP the GREED and waste. Housing is solution!Sec 8 & Govt housingis often in bad areas.Decent areas dont want Sec 8. So many lose thier voucher. And stay homeless in better areas for safety issues.

  7. I have a voucher for sec. 8 in the amount of 1150. a month. It took me a month and a half in finding a place that would accept the voucher. Knowing how they work and the nit picking they do over stupid things, she didnt want to deal with them.
    The place I found is a castle compared to the others I have seen. Some owners asking the full amount because they know what is being offered to the voucher holders with NO concern for the well being of the property, besides what is required to pass inspection.
    My first inspection failed because the pilot was not lit on the heater? Knowing damn well that the gas was turned on for the inspection. But the 50.00 dollar difference in the asking rent and what sec. 8 is willing to pay, is allowing my child and self to be homeless, is beyond my thinking straight.
    Asking rent 995. (asking very low compared to what I have seen) voucher amount 1150.00. Owner said that she would not go through with the contract if they did anything else, like this request. HONEST LANLORDS GET SCREWD and the others get rich. Wow! Wonder who they get those business traits from.

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