May 27, 2011

Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

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Secretary Donovan celebrates American heroes.

As a veteran of the United States Air Force, Memorial Day carries a special place in my heart.  After serving 11 years on active duty and with the Air National Guard, I know all too well the hardship and sacrifices born by our men and women in uniform.   For me, Memorial Day is more than picnics and department store sales.  It’s a day I remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, including those I served with.

On Wednesday, Secretary Donovan and Major General Errol Schwartz, Commander of the District of Columbia National Guard, paused to reflect on the bravery and sacrifice of our men and women during HUD’s Memorial Day ceremony.  Secretary Donovan reminds us that we must honor their service by serving them.

At HUD, we do our part to ensure military families are provided with safe affordable housing, by helping them buy their first home, or by working to end veteran homelessness.  HUD’s special mission is  to build at home what our troops fight for abroad and to make certain they have an even stronger America than the one left before going overseas.  During his remarks Secretary Donovan made this promise to our men and women in uniform.

“As President Obama has said, ‘On this Memorial Day – and every other day of the years – let us honor those legacies, and the fallen men and women who forged them.  And let us never forget their sacrifice.  They are forever in our thoughts, our prayers and our hearts.’”

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