May 23, 2011

Healthy Homes Leader Awards

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Our guest blogger today is Kenae Boyer, Program Analyst in the Lead Program Enforcement Division in the Office of Healthy Homes

HUD’s Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control (OHHLHC) and its partners are excited to announce the inaugural 2011 Healthy Homes Leader Awards. For the first time ever, we will acknowledge and honor the extraordinary achievements of those who are “Leading the Nation to Healthy Homes, Families and Communities.”

You’re invited to nominate colleagues, state and local leaders, agency teams and programs that have made significant contributions to making our homes, families and communities healthier and safer. Join us in honoring the recipients at the Awards Reception at the National Healthy Homes Conference in Denver, Colorado on June 22, 2011.

Nominations will be accepted until June 2, 2011 in the following categories:

1. Healthy Homes Pioneer Award

This award honors ground breaking leaders in the healthy homes movement. The nominee has been a pioneering leader in advancing the field of healthy housing

2. Healthy Homes Innovation Award

This award honors individuals or organizations that have made cutting edge contributions to healthy homes policy, research, design, education and/or advocacy. Without their efforts, the field would not be where it is today.

3. Healthy Homes Hero Award

This award honors an advocate for healthy housing whose dedication and leadership has made significant impacts on the lives of families living in underserved communities.

4. Healthy Homes Partnership Award

This award honors community and faith based organizations, healthcare organizations, academia, industry, government, and others who create partnerships that have resulted in healthier housing and communities.

5. Best Exhibit Award

This award honors entities and/or organizations who have displayed the best exhibit, as determined by conference participants at the 2011 National Healthy Homes Conference. Nominations will be accepted during open hours of Exhibit Hall at 2011 National Healthy Homes Conference.

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  1. I live in a public housing home for the last ten or so years. My home is covered in mold of all kinds. I have asked the managment to have it checked out but she just puts meoff. since my wife just had a brain cancer tumor removed and I am blind we cannot tell what is what now. my family says it is so bad it is growing out of the air vents, and all up and down the bathroom walls and floor.I have tried mold remover and bleach and it comes right back. now I worry about my grandbabies taken a bath here so we do not allow it. They need a bath we make there parents do it before they come, this is so sad to have to do this in your own home.I pay more than most and dont understand this either.308.00 a month when this is almsost a third of my income. after meds and paying bills ge wiz we are broke. Hud should check there onw properties first before they try to tell others how to do it. OUR’S IS NOT EVEN COMPLIANT FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABLIIES, we have a ton of steps and at times we both are in a wheelchair. If in a wheelchair we cannot even us the bathrroms nor even sleep in the bed because the doorways are to small and the bathrooms are way to little . when bathing in a wheelchair we must sponge off because we cannot get into the shower? where is hud now? hmmm makes you wonder.

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