April 11, 2011

I Believe in HUD because…

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HUD employees and stakeholders are in the business of improving lives. We believe that no one deserves to live on the streets… that people should be able to afford a place to live close to work… and that a child’s life outcomes should not be determined by the zip code they grow up in. HUD believes in people.

Late last week, Secretary Donovan started a conversation with HUD employees about why they believe in the work they do and why they are passionate about HUD’s mission. Now we want to hear from you, our external stakeholders, partners, and the people who HUD helps. Briefly tell us about yourself and your organization and how HUD programs affect you and the people you serve. And then tell us why you believe in HUD.

Send us a 60 second YouTube video or email us at ibelieve@hud.gov. Don’t forget to include a description about yourself and your organization and how HUD programs affect you and the people you serve. And then tell us why you believe in HUD. We look forward to hearing from you!


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  1. I believe that as a property manager for a Section 8 property, (multi family) can be challenging but very rewarding. I have watched so many of the families here at Woodrow Wilson struggle and overcome poverty. I think it start with the attitude of our staff here. We get everyone involved here. From spring clean up to babysitting/parenting classes. Without HUD many of my tenants and their children would have to live in substandard housing. I love the property that I manage and think it’s important for property managers nationwide to keep their tenants involved in keeping their property safe and fun!

    • In response to your earlier posting. I am a section 8 recipient trying to get off….why because I will be finished with my studies in (African & African American Studies (AAAS) and social work. I would love to be able to buy a home for me and my children. When asked, “If I can buy my house through section 8 program:, I was told that it was not available. Students do have to repair their credit and this takes time. Furthermore, does this mean getting a education causes me not to be able to provide for my family. Societal issues concerning anothers well-being is a concern of mine, but under guidelines on FHA and Hud first time buyer loans, you have to have a good credit score…so who does this help.
      Tell me how I can help others homeless.

  2. I Have An Issue Getting On The Waiting
    List For Affordable Housing and Apartments.

    But Imagine How Many Folks Would Be
    Impacted If There Were No Programs.

    It Would Impact The Owners of Housing
    Units As Well.

    Creating Economic Hardship and Emotional
    Hardship as Well.

    Take A Look At My Messed Up Home Life.
    That Is Getting As Worse Day to Day.

  3. As a real estate professional, I have a real problem with HUD, as do many of my colleagues’.

    The new HUD rules (HomeTelos & Sigma) here in Texas are a joke. Many of my fellow professionals have chosen NOT to sell HUD homes any longer because of the comical nonsense related to and the risk it puts on us.

    I have always believed that our government and HUD was a vital part of my career and to those I represent, until now. I am so frustrated with the lack of \common sense\ and the entire systems \lack of taking responsibility\ for ANYTHING! It seems that Real Estate professionals are \held to a standard\ that even those in charge cannot or will not hold themselves to. In addition, it appears from my end that working for HUD or a HUD contractor gives their representatives to treat everyone and anyone how they please.

    The majority of the people I have dealt with at HomeTelos & Sigma; Do not treat us with the common courtesy & respect I receive from my local \McDonalds\ cashier.

    One very unsatisfied Real Estate Professional from Texas.

  4. I know from first hand experience that without HUD funding for the Shelter Plus Care Housing Program, we wouldn’t be able to provide permanent housing to our mentally ill, homeless individuals. The rental subsidy keeps a roof over their heads while they begin to make choices about their lives, establish goals, and do the things they wanted to do prior to becoming homeless.
    This program has seen the following:
    1. One person is attending school with the intent of pursuing a law degree.
    2. One person works full time as a delivery driver.
    3. One person works part time at the library.
    4. One person does speaking engagements to church groups about how homelessness affected her.
    5. One person serves as a member of the NAMI Board of Directors and advocates for the needs of mentally ill persons.
    6. One person works at a local supermarket as a bagger.

    Once a person is placed with the help of HUD’s funding, dreams become reality and the quality of life improves dramatically. Each person has access to community-based services that help each person to be a valued member of the community at large.

    I believe in this program for my persons and I believe in HUD’s mission 100%. Every person has the right to affordable housing.

  5. HUD funding has been critically important to the affordable rental housing component of our organization’s operations.

    -Immokalee Housing & Family Services, Immokalee, FL

  6. I believe in HUD because…I see how HUD change things, make things better, and solve problems by equipping partner organizations with valuable tools (resources, funding, partnerships) to make their work successful. sharon

  7. I believe in HUD because I think the majority of the American taxpayers support and trust in HUD’s mission. HUD provides funds to house and support chronically homeless seriously mentally ill consumers in addition to many other worthwhile and valuable programs. Without HUD, many of these individuals would not have the opportunity to live independently and would continue to utilize expensive and scarce community resources such as emergency rooms and police man-hours. HUD makes this a win/win situation – consumers receive the support and housing necessary to be successful in the community and the community receives a decreased burden on its resources.

  8. I am now a believer, about 20 years ago i had purchased a hud/fha home and then times got bad. I was about 40 miles north of san francisco so i had to go to 450 Golden Gate ave and it was such a horrible experience I told myself i would never do it again and look. i am a realtor and tell people all the time your crazy if you dont get a hud loan

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