January 18, 2011

HUD.gov Launches New, Interactive Blog – the HUDdle

Written by:

Helen Savoye Minor, Web Manager, Office of Public Affairs

We are so excited to roll out this new blog, The HUDdle, and to continue to reach out like we never have before!  Our new blog is way more interactive and has loads of cool stuff.  One big difference is that we’ve made it so much easier to share all the great information you’re going to find here, and with what we’ve got planned you’re going to find a lot that you want to share.  We’re going to have regular bloggers, guest bloggers, video blogs, and special behind-the-scenes-at-HUD content you won’t find anywhere else.  We also want to hear from you so be sure to leave us some comments.  It’s an exciting new year so get in The HUDdle with the HUD Team!

Watch a message from Deputy Secretary Sims (To turn on the captions for this video, press play, and then click on the upward facing arrow located on the lower right hand side of the video.).

5 Responses to HUD.gov Launches New, Interactive Blog – the HUDdle

  1. I need help/answers My wife and I purchased a home with a wells Fargo mortgage.the montly cost was stated and written as 2300per mth after giving the wells fargo rep our 60,000 deposit.on closing day at the table she informed us the mthly fee has been adjusted to 3200 mthly knowing we could not afford this she informed us to come back in a year and wells fargo would adjust the rate.We did not make it 10 months at the property Who can help,we do not funds for a attorney.Wells fargo has fired the rep and her asistance.We are now renters nad very frustrated.240-793-4472

  2. if your initial good faith showed your payment including any mortgage insurance (whether conventional or government) and also stated what your escrow portion of your payment was and it was 2300.00 and all your documents you signed at time of application, you should not have continued with the loan at closing. However, if you have a commitment or approval letter showing you were approved for a payment of 2300.00, I would think that Wells Fargo could be held responsible by not being in compliance if they did not re-disclose the new payment information prior to you going to closing. I would seek the advice of your states public defender, being a lender myself, I don’t know how something that grossly negligent could happen. Plus you lost not only your home but your 60k equity you put into it? That is not right and should be brought to someone’s attention. Have you tried contacting the local finance and banking authorities? They can also help with no fees. This is information the federal government want to be aware of.

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