November 19, 2014

Form a Team. Create a Plan. Make a Real-World Impact

Photo: 2015 Innovation in Affordable Housing logo.

Introducing the 2015 HUD Innovation in Affordable Housing Student Design and Planning Competition

We are excited to announce the second year of the HUD Innovation in Affordable Housing Student Design and Planning Competition (IAH). The competition officially launched November 12 and registration is now open! Complete information is available on the competition’s website. Continue reading

November 14, 2014

Measuring Progress in the Housing Market

photo: construction of a home

As we look back on October, we witnessed progress in our nation’s economic recovery, including a rise in total employment numbers to above pre-recession levels and a drop in the unemployment rate to 5.8 percent. This headway translated into some of the positive trends we are seeing today in the housing market. We measure the health of the housing market through several important tools; one particularly powerful one is HUD’s monthly Housing Scorecard, which shows how well our programs are serving the American people and where we can make improvement—because as many Americans continue to recover from the Great Recession, much more can be done. Continue reading

November 13, 2014

Helping Affordable Housing Developers Reach Energy Star Certification

Castle Square apartments

HUD has been working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to pursue energy efficiency initiatives that will yield significant cost savings to the federal government, property owners, and building residents.  Today, some of those efforts are bearing fruit as the EPA announces 17 multifamily housing properties that are the first in the nation to earn EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification for superior energy efficiency. Continue reading

November 12, 2014

We are ending homelessness

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Homelessness_Reduction_009_4Walking down the street, we see individuals and families, our neighbors, without a home of their own, living in our shelters or even on our streets.  Too often, we turn away or avoid acknowledging their struggles at all.   Whether it’s a veteran trying to keep warm on a cold night, young people sleeping on sidewalks, or a mother and her child asking for help, these are the faces of homelessness. Continue reading